Other Activities

Horseback Riding

Description : Enjoy a horseback ride and admire the scenery of San Agustín and its surroundings. Visit various archaeological sites such as El Tablón, La Chaquira, La Pelota and El Purutal. The visit lasts about 4 hours. While enjoying an incredible view and experience, you will have enough freedom to walk as fast or slow as you like.

Location : In the rural areas around San Agustín.
Description of the visit: Departure from San Agustín on horseback to visit the main archaeological attractions of Tablón, La Chaquira, La Pelota and Le Purutal and then back to San Agustín.
Opening hours : from 8am to 2pm
Duration of the visit : from 3 to 4 hours depending on the number of people.
Difficulty level : Basic

Price per person : 

  • 50’000 Colombian peso
  • 120’000 Colombian peso with a professional guide

Tourist Ring

Description : The tourist ring and the archaeological walk is done in JEEP. They are one of the main tourist attractions of San Agustín. During this visit, you will learn a lot about the region. You visit exceptional places such as: “Etrecho del rio Magdalena”, Obando and its museum, coffee and sugar cane cultures as well as panela production, the archaeological parks “Alto de los Idoles” and “Alto de las piedras”, “Salto de Bordones” and “Salto del Mortiño”.

Location : San Agustín and the surrounding villages.
Description of the visit : Departure from San Agustín by private transport visiting the various attractions.
Departure : 9:00 am
Duration of the visit : about 7 hours depending on the number of people.
Difficulty level : Basic

Price per person : 

  • 60’000 colombian peso

Walk to the Archaeological Park

Description of the Archaeological Park : The San Agustín Archaeological Park is one of the most important archaeological sites in South America. The park is considered the largest necropolis in America because it is home to one of the oldest, largest and most important indigenous sites in the world. It is a funerary site where a series of archaeological remains of Augustinian culture can be found. A city of sculptors and artists who have left us their testimony, their lives and their mythological thinking. The park is an ideal place to enjoy a variety of natural landscapes. It is surrounded by valleys, mountains, rivers and immense rocks characterized by mystery, magic and sacred charm. Here you can experience the best of adventures.

Location : located 3 kilometres from the village of San Agustín.
Description of the circuit : Departure from San Agustín by private transport to the park entrance point, approximately 10 minutes. The return trip is made by the same route.
Opening hours : from 8am to 3pm
Tour duration : about 3 to 5 hours depending on the number of people.
Difficulty level : Basic

Price per person : 

  • Student : 15’000 Colombian peso
  • Colombian : 35’000 Colombian peso
  • Foreign : 50’000 Colombian peso

Add to the price :

  • Spanish guide : 80’000 Colombian peso
  • English guide : 100’000 Colombian peso

Ecological Walk Through the “Tres Chorros” Waterfall

Description : This is a natural waterfall formed from the “los murales” river. It has a fall of about 25 meters. A large rock divides the river into 3 waterfalls. It is a beautiful place with a lush fauna and flora.
On the site, you can swim in the cold and magical waters, it is the ideal setting to contact with nature.

Location : It is located 23 kilometres from the city centre of San Agustin in the village of La Pradera.
Description of the visit : Departure from San Agustín by private transport to the starting point of the walk (45 minutes). The walk lasts 1h30 until the waterfall. The return is by the same route.
Departure : 9:00 am
Duration of the visit : from 6 to 7 hours depending on the number of people.
Level of difficulty : medium

Price per person : 

  • Price upon request depending on the number of participants

Add to the price : 

  • Guide service : 100’000 Colombian peso
  • Transport : 120’000 Colombian peso
  • Meal and Return Transport : 5’000 peso

Laguna Nacimiento Del Rio Magdalena

Description : This is a fascinating visit where you can enjoy a lush landscape with a wide variety of plants, animals, mountains and water sources in the “Macizo colombiano” at an altitude of 3,327 meters.
The lake is located in “the Nudo de las Papas” also called “nudo de Paramillo” in the National Park of Puracé. The Cauca, Caquetá and Patí rivers also originate in the same region. That is why the place is known as the hydrographic star of Colombia. This visit allows you to discover the Colombian paramo, frailejones, mosses and encenillos.


Location : San Agustín and the “Macizo colombiano”.
Description of the circuit : It takes 12 hours to get to the Gap. The departure is by car from San Agustín to Port Quinchana (2h), then 10 hours of walking or riding from Port Quinchana to the lake. This circuit can be divided into two parts: First day in Loyola and the next day, visits of the  Cusiyaco and Santiago lagoons up to the gap of the Magdalena lagoon.
Duration of the visit : 4 days 3 nights.
Level of difficulty : high

Includes : 3 nights accommodation in farmhouses, 3 breakfasts, 3 lunches, 3 dinners and snacks on the road, guide, transport, entrance to Purace Park and medical assistance card for the duration of the tour.

Take with you : trekking boots, extra shoes, cold day clothing, waterproof clothing, extra clothing stored in waterproof bags, backpack for the day, first aid kit, road mouth pass, flashlight and drinks (especially on sunny days). Mosquito repellent, sunscreen, sunglasses. Optional: money for personal expenses.
Note: You need to be in good health and physical condition and not have any allergies (excessive insect bites).

Price per person (4 days / 3 nights)

  • 1’200’000 Colombian peso

Our Programs Include

Private transport (from the hotel to the activity and activity to the hotel), accident insurance, certified equipment and certified and professional guides.

Take with you

Shorts or swimsuit, t-shirt, adjustable sandals or tennis shoes (no open sandals like thongs), mosquito repellent and sunscreen, change of clothes for the end of the activity.


You must be able to swim, as well as be in good health and physical condition (not be pregnant, not have any physical limitations, chronic allergies (excessive insect bites), heart disease, or epilepsy)