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Certifications de nos guides

Tous nos guides sont certifiés et accrédités au niveau national et international avec des diplômes reconnus par les fédérations homologuées suivantes :

  1. Fédération internationale de rafting – IRF
  2. Rescue 3 international
  3. Wilderness Medicine Institute – SENA.
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Cesar Díaz “el Mae”


Currently director of Magdalena Rafting, I have 20 years of experience as a whitewater rafting and kayaking guide at the national and international level.
I am also an instructor of Rescue 3 International for the “swiftwater Rescue” courses and an international rafting instructor of IRF federations for the training of rafting guides.

For several years, I have explored several rivers and promoted commercial and sports rafting in Colombia. I also joined the national rafting and kayak slalom team, participating in several national and international competitions such as Suramericanos, Panamericanos and Mundiales.

Tamara Acuña

Agency Director and Communication Manager

I am a Colombian and Swiss trained in neuro-linguistic programming. Having been swimming in competition for more than 10 years, water is my element.

Julian David Jamoioy

Rafting Guide

I'm 35 years old and I've been a rafting guide for 15 years. I acquired my professional experience in Magdalena Rafting, San Agustin tour, Tatacoa aventura and Amazonaventura.

Théo Rivaud

Rafting Guide

I was born in France in 1980 and have lived in Colombia for 11 years several months a year. I have been certified by the French State since 2002 for the practice and teaching of rafting, hydrospeed and kayaking (level 4.5). In 2018, I obtained a level 4 diploma in rafting. I work in France as a rafting guide, hydrospeed three months a year. I was a carpenter for several years.

Cesar Luna Claros

Rafting Guide

I have 15 years of experience as a qualified rafting guide. Passionate about my work, I am a contact person who loves life.

Jair Castro Martinez

Rafting Guide

Graduate in tourism and former military, I am passionate about extreme sports and adventure.

Fabio Hetnán Jarnioy Palacios

Rafting Guide

Graduate in tourism and former army officer, I am passionate about extreme and adventure sports.

Miller Giron Anacona

Rafting Guide

I have been a rafting guide for 15 years, a graduate and a volunteer firefighter in San Agustin. I am a responsible and very committed person.