Training Courses

Training and Analysis for Rafting Guides

    • A – Rafting techniques: Types of rafting, hydrology, ferry – boat: upstream downstream, entry and exit of eddies, reading of rapids, scouting, navigation in rapids, river entry and exit, portages, among others.
    • B – Crew management and training: safety talk, crew location, rowing techniques, controls, crew assessment, motivation, etc.
    • C – Emergency and rescue techniques: swimming in rapids, carrying or carrying swimmers, crossing coasts or depths, rope handling, knots, rappelling, anchors, mechanical advance systems, vector draught, diagonal tension, flypiada rafts, trapped boats, trapped persons, etc.

    KNOWLEDGE: Equipment (operation and maintenance), first aid, safety and emergency procedures, rapids theory, leadership, communication (signals), among others.

IRF Certification

This workshop consists of an examination to verify that the guide meets the requirements established by the IRF in order to issue the certification that accredits it as an international guide.
For more information on the requirements for taking the exams, visit:

If you are interested in one of these courses, please contact us, as the dates and quotas are limited.

River Kayak

  • You can learn all about this fascinating sport with expert instructors. Whitewater river kayaking has become a growing adventure sport (the fastest in the last decade) and it’s no coincidence because nothing beats the feeling of freedom and intimacy to travel beautiful and wild rivers.
  • In and around San Agustín, you will find a good place to practice kayaking, whether you are just starting out or improving your level.
    The wide variety of rivers in the region are ideal for this sport. You can practice different levels (from class I-II-III to the most difficult rapids in class V) that will allow you to progress progressively in your learning.
  • Thousands of rivers around the world await you.
  • Magdalena Rafting invites you to take the first steps in this exciting sport. You will be accompanied by the best instructors.

We offer fast water rescue training with instructors certified and guaranteed by Rescue 3 International (To make new courses and renew expired international certifications).

These courses provide the basis for the survival, rescue and rescue of people in danger in fast waters. They are aimed at professionals such as rafting and kayaking guides, park wardens, search and rescue personnel, firefighters, civil defence, red cross, fishing enthusiasts, national police, among others.

Students acquire knowledge in the following areas: hydrology, classification of fast waters, control management and management of situations and scenarios, risk and obstacle management, floods and flooded cars, practices and skills in rescuing and rescuing victims, fast water swimming, handling and use of rescue equipment, knots, anchors, systems, etc., according to the type and level of the course.

Some courses meet the technical requirements of NFPA 1670: Standard on Operations and Training for Search and Rescue Technical Incidents and NFPA 1006: Standard on Professional Qualifications for Rescue Technicians in the Water Sector.

For more information on courses and topics, go to:
If you are interested in one of these courses, please contact us as the dates and quotas are limited.

Description : In the initial level courses, you start to get familiar with the kayak and all its equipment.
These courses start with an introduction to calm waters where you learn the basic movements to control the boat. As you gain confidence, we enter the currents, to conclude the course with the descent of an easy river.

Course topics :
– A brief history of this sport
– Get to know the personal equipment
– Knowledge of the elements of a kayat
– Safety inside the river
– Self-rescue
– Practice of different oars on the banks of the river
– Using rowing to make a ferry and take a whirlpool
– Learn to read the river
– Learn the rolling technique: Learn a solid and efficient ride to gain confidence in the water. Our instructors will teach you the right way to perform this important technique. We will explain the basics of the Eskimo to you by focusing on the correct position of the paddle and the accuracy of body movements.

Availability : Every day except holidays and holidays.
Duration : 3 days (4 hours per day).
Location : Madeleine River / Rio del Magdalena.
Prerequisites : This course requires the ability to swim, exercise and be in good health.
Includes : personal equipment and kayak, transportation to the practice site, bilingual professional instructor (Spanish/English), accident insurance, photos and videos sent by email.

Description : During this course, the techniques learned in the beginner’s basic course will be integrated into the training and reinforced in the following subjects: Safety and rescue, Advanced techniques and games with kayaking, Expedition and exploration of new rivers, specific reinforcements according to students’ needs.

Availability : Every day except during peak periods.
Duration : 3 days (4 hours per day).
Location : Madeleine River and Sombrerillos.
Prerequisites : For this course, it is necessary to have completed the basic level with good performance. Ability to swim, be physically fit and healthy.
Includes : personal equipment and kayak, transportation to the practice area, bilingual professional instructor (Spanish / English), accident insurance, photos and videos sent by email.

Our Programs Include

Private transport (from the hotel to the activity and activity to the hotel), accident insurance, certified equipment and certified and professional guides.

What to take with you

Shorts or swimsuit, t-shirt, adjustable sandals or tennis shoes (no open sandals like thongs), mosquito repellent and sunscreen, change of clothes for the end of the activity.


You must be able to swim, as well as be in good health and physical condition (not be pregnant, not have any physical limitations, chronic allergies (excessive insect bites), heart disease, or epilepsy)